The Art of BGood May 22, 2016 – Posted in: Uncategorized

Cutting BGood BarsThere is a certain ‘art’ to crafting BGood Bars.  For me it is a sort of meditation.  It starts with toasting almonds to make the almond butter I use in 4 of the recipes.  The smell of toasting almonds in the BGood kitchen puts everyone in a good mood – ‘ahhh, the smell of toasted almonds fills the room’.  The half sheet pans get lined up on the stainless steel table.  The nuts are measured out.  The almond butter gets made.  The dried fruit and honey gets mixed.  Cinnamon, cocoa powder, espresso, green tea matcha gets measured into the various bowls creating colors and patterns that make me want to stop and take a picture (which I do on occasion).  Then, the chocolate.  As the dark chocolate is tempering I start cutting the bars and getting them ready to put on the last final effect – the dark chocolate outer layer which lightly covers the bottom and the sides of the bar.  Sometimes NPR is playing on the radio in the background, or a new playlist “summer acoustic’ or ’50 top folk songs’, or sometimes there is nothing – just the sound of the tempering machine and the dance of dipping BGood Bars, one bar at a time.  A meditation in creating something beautiful.  Bon appetit’.

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