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MOUNTAIN MAMAS April 12, 2019 – Posted in: Mountain Living

It’s almost mother’s day, so I wanted to write this post to honor all the Mountain Mama’s out there. In 1991, when my daughter was born, there were no i-phones yet. We did not have internet (not sure it was even invented yet), and so there certainly was no facebook, instagram or twitter. But even back then, when she was just a baby, I wanted to protect her from the fast pace of society. I…

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“Sleeping Porch” August 15, 2018 – Posted in: Uncategorized

(“Sleeping Porch”) One way to beat the heat has been sleeping outside this summer.  We made a ‘sleeping porch’ on the west side of our mountain home.  The bats keep the mosquito’s at bay, and the cool, fresh mountain air drifts across my face at night.  Even with 104 F days in Joseph, the cool air coming off of the snow fields and spring creeks of the high Wallowa Mountains flow down the mountainside at…

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