Get your Antioxidant “fix” in the Blueberry BGOOD Bar October 30, 2014 – Posted in: BGOOD Bars – Tags: , , , , , ,

Matcha (1)The BGOOD Blueberry Antioxidant Bar is loaded with good ingredients including Sei Mee Tea Organic Green Tea Matcha!  “Matcha has more theanine, (a kind of amino acid, “Umami“) than Sencha!  Both Matcha and Sencha are high in antioxidants as you know—studies show Matcha has 137 times more antioxidants than brewed tea so it is a great choice for the bar”, Kiyomi (owner of Sei Mee Tea  The Blueberry Antioxidant Bar is also filled with toasted cashews & walnuts, Organic Chia Seed, Organic Cinnamon & Cocoa Powder and Organic Oregon Blueberries!  Check out our Retail Locations for a store near you, or purchase on-line.  Bhappy, Bhealthy, Bgood!

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