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Cranberry Hemp BGood Bar
2019 Good Food
Award Winner!

I always wanted to be a Fishery Biologist June 21, 2019 – Posted in: BGOOD Bars, Mountain Living

I think I was hardwired from the beginning to work outdoors. I loved fish and I wanted to know everything about them. This led me to a Master of Science degree in Biology/Limnology, and a 20 year career working as a Fisheries Research Biologist. It wasn’t easy, however. In 1977, I was one of 3 women in a class of 40 taking fisheries classes at Peninsula College, WA. I took time out of college to…

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The Healthy Artisan Energy Bar September 4, 2015 – Posted in: BGOOD Bars

“These bars are to die for!” A BGOOD Bar Review by Marc Wagner, M.D. @ That’s what my wife said after demolishing two bars. Our current favorites are the Espresso Date Nut Bar, the Peanut Ginger Bar, and the Cherry Pistachio.

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Fresh Toasted Almond Butter in each BGood Bar! July 12, 2015 – Posted in: BGOOD Bars

I find it amazing to be able to get quality organic ingredients, even in NE Oregon at the end of the road.  It takes some planning and thinking ahead, but yes, once a month I can get bulk honey, nuts, organic dried fruit, organic seeds & pretty much everything it takes to make a BGood Bar!

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Why are BGOOD Bars GOOD for you? March 3, 2014 – Posted in: BGOOD Bars

Blueberry Bar Antioxidant Benefits: What do Cashews, Chia Seed, Blueberries & Cinnamon have in common? You will find them all in the Blueberry Antioxidant Bar. Each are high in antioxidants & have many health benefits.

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