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Cranberry Hemp BGood Bar
2019 Good Food
Award Winner!

2Judy-Bob-in-Joseph-Jan-09-086BGOOD Bars have a long connection to the small mountain town of Joseph, located in NE Oregon. 

In 1984, on a break from graduate school, I hiked to Ice Lake in the Eagle Cap Wilderness located in NE Oregon near Joseph.  I packed along some homemade energy bars during that trek and I always remembered how good they tasted on a long hike.  In 2008 we decided to make Joseph our forever home, and in 2014 we launched BGood Bars.  Coming full circle, thirty years after that hike to Ice Lake, and after a career working as a Fisheries Research Biologist, raising a family in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho, and working as a yurt builder, chocolatier, barista and a banker, I decided to start my own business.

I wanted to make a healthy snack.  Something that I felt was sustainable, not only for the business, but also for the planet – an energy bar with clean ingredients that not only tasted good, but which also supported my own ethics of clean eating – no preservatives, and no artificial colors or flavors.  This philosophy gained us a membership with the Good Food Foundation, and eventually a Good Food Award in 2019 for our Cranberry Hemp Bar.

The name for BGood Bars came from Bob Goodman, my husband.  It was a nickname given to him by friends when he lived in the Sawtooths back in the 70’s.  Our daughter Mattie thought it would be a great name for the company, along with the tag line #bhappybhealthybgood.  While we think of “BGood” as something personal and original, it’s not.  In fact, there happen to be a lot of other companies using the same name either wholly, or partially, which is why we are giving BGood Bars a new name.  We have decided to rename BGood as JöR Energy Bars.  JöR means ‘earth’ in old Norse.  The name JöR aligns perfectly with our energy bar – “of the earth”, wholesome ingredients, no preservatives, nothing artificial, no chemicals or artificial fertilizers used on any of our ingredients.  It’s sustainable.

Between the three of us, we have years of experience hiking, skiing, back packing, mountain living & working outdoors.  We want JöR Energy Bar to compliment (and fuel) all of JöR adventures so that we can continue to enjoy the clean outdoors for now and in the future, just as we did back in the old days.  We want to #fueljöradventure.

Judy Goodman, Founder of BGOOD Bars LLC


JöR Energy Bars

My story is no different than yours if you believe in yourself and are passionate about what you do.  Success comes in many forms.  For me success in life is to be happy and healthy.